20 March 2011

Friendship Never Ends

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Now I want to share some photos from another surprise party we have made for my friends. 
So,we begin from Teresa :
At Teresa birthday it was rainy. An we really afraid all plan we have planed before got mess-up. So first we want to Tere get shocked with the FAKE cake. This pics is the FAKE cake we want to gave to her.
So the plan was. Olive came to Teres House alone with that FAKE cake. So Teresa might think that we forgot her bithday party while we prepared the REAL one. And it works. Tere really thought Olive came alone. Then Tere let Olive to get in her house to took a chat. THEN : AWKWARD MOMENT :
After that we go inside like a spy. Then we see a girl siluet we thought Tere. We sang "Happy Bday" loudly and that girl turn around and WTF ? It's her sister and said " Tere is in the 2nd floor" atau in Bahasa "Terenay diatas" Mampus gilaa. Tere langsung turun terus bilang ke Olive " L bawa pasukan apa live?" Mwhahahahahha. Anjrit malu banget, Stephen didn't attend this moment because have some school events by the way.

Kue termewah tang pernah kita pada beli buat temen

Love this Pic !

 Stephen's Surprise Party Cake :: ( Tere and Tepen just 3 day diffrence)
We didn't have a money yet to buy cake for Stephen. Hiksss. So we made it ourself. I'm sorry Stephen. We really are. I promise to make better one this year for you. 

Love this pic

 Adore Stephen laugh !

Me and my brother in my silly photoshoot ::

My Fave :

Find more story about GT :

See y'll on my next post


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