26 February 2011

A lot of happiness with them (part 3)

Hai-hai everyone !
How your bizzy-bizzy week today?
Ok, now I want to tell y'all my story with GT, my stupid genk part 3 *finally
Here we go ::

GT finally found something to eat. Hahahahhaha. Satay ! Oh yeah. Cheap and Delicious of course. Daripada kita pada makanin rumah Tere mending kita makan SATE. Ya gaa? O ye, Stephen bought some rice,salad and friend chicken from warteg terdekat serta Es Kelapa. Saaadaaap ! O ya, by the way, you can see many candid photos around this post. Hahahaha. Thanks Ahong !

They still hungry but they still fotogenic. wkwkwkwkwk. 
 Oliv looks very----I mean VERY VERY REALLY HUNGRY .LMAO

Boys act before they didn't know someone shot their picture

 Boys act after they know someone shot their picture. Hahahaha. Cacat da. Ko nambah Ahong?

My candid photos. aaa---paraaaa ini----

Believe it or not. This is Ahong candid photos. Sial ! I never really got his candid pic. ><

Girls power :)) Kurang satu tangan nii.

Ngakak abis. Vickys candid pic. Hahahahahhaha. Dasar Vicong = Vicky Bencong

Uiiiii :))

Oliv saweran. Erinn cengo

Ganteng dah si abang. wkwkwkwkw

Inside si abang punya gerobak.

Oliv candid pic. (again).

Yaaakk. Kibas ! *ala iklan Clear.
 Twins !

Wuaaaaa-------Kapan matengnya siii???

 Before we got inside Tere house again. We took this photos. Hahaha

Got some POPCORN from Teres mom. LUCKY DAY !
 What we have is...

We are a monster. LANGSUNG ABIS.After we had this silly dinner. We share our stories and get laugh until I want to die. And we play truth or truth games. Hahahahaha. Gada yang bawa UNO si.. Sebel de..

Hasil nyolong dari kulkas Tere. hihihihihihih

 Whatcha doing Tepen?

 Once again. We adore Ichanns laugh. !!!

Vicky silly pose

Stephen silly pose


Whats wrong with Vicky? LOL

 Before we go home. We play CHIKUBA !!!

Blackberry never die.
 Our Together pics. Muaaaaa----Miss y'all :')


For asking us to had a simple gathering 
For become our little event organiser
For all the candid pics.
To always have a new stories to hear
To come to this event even your home is so far
To always accompany me when we're go home
To your house,your moms,and your laugh.You make our day
Hwaa--almost forget to be written.Sorry :'(
To your stories,time, everything
and become our good listener

And I have my blog new header and I love it damn so much.
I took this pic. when we play CHIKUBA.Mwhahahaha

Bye readers!!
C u next week, have a great weekend !


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