11 March 2011

Surprise Party for Erinn !

Haihai there :))
Finally I can open my blogspot again. Hah. Such an extreme MID TEST week. Hah. Before we go to the topic can I share my whole week first ? Thank you. I just can believe in HOPE for my VCKA,MATH,and what is the english of Kimia? Whatever. Someone asked me," Lu bisa ga Kimia nya tadi ? " Terus g jawab pake senyum, " Kalo g bisa g nari pom-pom deh depan sekolah kita" Jawaban anak bego tuh. Gue. Haaaaah--- Emang paling enak ulangan agama. LOGIKA. Yeah ! Cuma modal hati baik doang mah agama gampang. Malahan B.Indonesia sama B.Inggris yg susah. It still 2 days until my MID PERFECTLY OVER. And I don't wanna see my score. Hahaha. It's so FIRED.Okok. Enough. I don't want to share anything more. Just a little bit refreshing.
I shot this picturee---um ? 1 Month ago ?

Okay back to the TOPIC. Actually I want to post this last year. But I can't find the right time. So 28 August is Erinn Bday. She really want us (GT) to make a suprise party for her. She also really hope we bought her Tiramisu cake from Dapur Cokelat because she love it damn so much. So at 1 day before Erinn Bday, actually not just me and GT who wants to make a suprise party for Erinn. But theres her friend in Ricci JHS who wanted it too. So they make theirs in morning. And GT at night. And guess what happened with Erinn when her Ricci JHS friend make a suprise party for her ? She get bored. She wrote this " No one is GT, NO Tiramisu. So bored" Hahahahaha.Such a good friend !
At Night,we had a gathering infront of Pos Satpam. Yeah. Keren kan. We had bought her Tiramisu cake too and make a plan ! (yeah---we had no plan before)
Check the photos ::

Prepare for the cake !

From the TOP LOOK

Actually, I even don't know why Erinn REALLY SUPER DUPER wanted this so much.

And we didn't forget to make sure she's really at home.Hahahahhahaha. We were terrible team for making such a beautiful suprise party. We even made a silly alibi for made Erinn stayed at home ! So Ichann lied to Erinn. She said she want to give her a present to her bday. Oh my. We really need some event organiser.

Erinn looked so shock when we have her 'wish' cake at night and sang Happy Birthday song (as always we do) And smile all the time. Hahahahaha. Makes us happy to see it.

After that we had very long chit chat at night. Jokes all the night. Took some photos.

( L-R) Teresa---Erinn---Stephen

Stephen with his silly jokes. Hahahaha

Erinn really loves this

Holy Crap ! I look so mess up !

Wkwkwkw. Look at EACH our face. Such a HORROR !


Such a Mess and cool surprise party ! There's must be another story about it. Just wait and see what GT can do !!


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