12 February 2011

A lot of happiness with them (part 1)

Hai-hai readers !
How is your weekend ?
Great ? or Bad ?
Ok, I have a very very great weekend *actually it's Friday.
Hahahahaha,so Wednesday ago, Erinn sent me personal message :

From : Erinn
To : Cecil

Who want to go to Tere house next friday ?
Like always..at 05.30 pm.
There's Vincent !!

Who want to join ?

Tell me as soon you can..

What special in that text is "there's vincent". VINCENT ? Tumben amat, udah stenga taun lebih ga ngabar"in kita pada. So, me , erinn, tere , oliv , vicky , ahong , ichann , and vincent have a plan to have some reunion at Tere house.
Next day ( Friday ) :
at the beautiful evening....hahahahaha. Pohon Srikaya nih. Mantab dah.
Oh y, let me introducing___________Markas GT : Teresa House !!
Place where we studied together for did our homework,final test---Canda-tangis-laper gabung jadi satu !! Teres house is so a comfortable place for we to share anything about school, share some stories. HAVE A DINNER. Hahahaha. The most we did is HAVE A DINNER. It's feel very family if you can sit with your friend and got dinner with share some stories and laughing together.
The first persons came to Tere house : Me , Ahong , Erinn , Vicky , and Ichann. Then we shared many GOSSIP and stories about many things. In this photo, Ahong felt the weather was hot and tried to cool his head with my Tatib book. Sial. Ngga de Ahong, saya cuma bercanda. Look at Vicky face. Bahagia banget. G bingung itu fake smile apa beneran. Kayak gmana gtu...
Ichann,always become a good listener. Hahahahaha. At the next post you will see her candid photos. Most Funny one ! Hahahaha

Vicky so serious told many gossip in his school. lol. Look at his face ! Vicky told so many SHOCKING NEWS at his school. Liat aja, si ahong uda cengo begitu ngedengrinnya. Hahahaha. 

 Teres window. gaje dah g. I love the color and the angle.

 Then Stephen got shock ! Hahaha this Stephens best Candid photos I ever see ! Hahaha

 It's Olive !! Say Hi to Olive everyone ! She seldom come here cause she lives in a far far away place.

 Not for a long time, there are someone coming again 

Say hello to Yulius and Mega. They just visited us for a while. They just want to took some paper from Ichann. Emm, Mega wear pajamas. Hahaha. Mega looks so cute with her pink pajamas.

Ahong did. My candid photo. Aaaaa--BAD-BAD-BAD-

 Candy from Erinn. Delicious !! Rasa Peach. G dapet yang Anggur trus si Erinn stobei. Enak de.
 Then we came done. Except me,erinn and ahong. Look at Vicky face. Hahaha. Kinda kids wanna be !

 Me and Erinn candid photo.  Ahong really good for being annoying paparazzzzziiii...Mwhahahahahaha

 It's Vicky and mega.. Hahahahahaha. Like a couple. But they're not. Sayang sekali..Huhuhuhuhuhu.

Wokeee--enough part. Hahahaha. There's a lot of fun I'm gonna show you at the next post. There's Vincent too !!
Maybe I will take three parts.
See you all next week.
Have a great weekend readers!!!
God bless!


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