19 June 2011

Hangout with GT : Episode 3 Destionations 1 Day : Part 2

Another post this week! Okay this is the part 2 of the part 1. If you want to read the part 1, CLICK HERE. So, after the extraordinary steak lunch at Joni Steak, we walked out in front of the restaurant and thought where we can go now ?( Stephen,Vincent and Tere can't go because have something to do) And in that thinking process we have moved in funny cordination so we moved slowly made like a half circle.hahahaha
The last thingking process place, X bank. The SATPAM rese banget. Bilang suutt saaat suut terus. Terus kita sengaja gitu bilang "Kita siapa ?" " Damai-damai-damai ! " Gede-gede kayak orang gila.i kita pergi de. Kesan kayak diusir. Trus sempet disangkain anak bolos. Whaatt ? Terus kita bilang dari Damai. Bagus tuh Satpam tau Damai dimana wkwkwk. 

After a long arguing with the other members, finally we decided to go to Ancol. Yahuuu~ We weren't go to Dufan or Seaworld. We wanted to go to the beach !! But we must walked to the bus stop in this situation we call it ' halte busway ' yang jauh sekitar 50 meter. And we found Minimarket called Indomaret. And we bought some snacks and drinks. And also took some photos.

And went to the in front of ' Gedung Arsip ' Ambil foto lagi. Hahaha. KITA EMANG NORAK GANN. Haahaha

The Transjakarta bus ticket

Dan nunggunya ini lama banget. Mana mesti transit mulu, Ahong udah ngedumel."Kalo kita pake taksi yaa kita udah nyampe dari tadi..." Iya dee..kalah de bacot kita ma Ahong..wwkwkw

Long way to go..finally...we arrived !!

And we have to walked about 800 m to arrived at the beach. Dman !!

Temperarute is around 32 celcius. HOT HOT HOT

Felt tired, we found Ancol bus stop and got a little bit rest there.

We wanted to wait for the next bus stop, but the time really doesn't match.

I really remembered, we (the girls only) found icecream corner with no owner. Sampe kita tuh teriak keras banget " BANG ES KRIM BANG ! " Nah lu ? Yang jualan kayak kitanya bukan abangnya. Trus abangnya dari jauh akhirnya engeh, lari-lari kecil gitu sambil senyam-senyum gaje. Kebayang kagak tuh. tampangnya yang ga ada dosa gimana? Haha. Mana harganya mahal lagi. Okok. We bought some ice cream.

The view..

We have 400 meters to go. What should we do now ? 

to be continued...

Wait for the part 3 !
See y'all at my next post


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