16 June 2011

Hangout with GT : Episode 3 Destionations 1 Day : Part 1

Heei readers, welcome to my blog again, so today I will post the part 1 of my hangout day with GT, the memorie still so fresh because it's happened yesterday exactly. So where we'll begin ? I think we started from the first destination : JONI STEAK

So,we make some deal that all of us meet in Erinn house first,but Olive didn't because she will came at 12.00. So she will waited for us at the Joni Steak. We went to erinn house at 11.00 am. Then went to the Gramedia before we go the Joni Steak. Why ? Joni Steak was open at 12.00 pm. So well, it's time  to wasting time in the bookstore! Yeiii~~ After we bought some novel and comics (also ruffled the bookstore hahaha) we went to Joni Steak. And OLIVE lateeee...moaaaaaa....So we bought drinks first until she come. After 10 minutes, here she came..

Found funny menu name :

BB vincent si mirip rokok luu..But It wasn't a smoke, it just a plastic wrap

Candid Vincent

Ngiler kan, ngiler kan ? G aja ngiler

Until the last steak piece


Piring Ahong seheboh orangnya..

Suddenly, Vincents teacher called him an tell him some bad news. I could't tell you what it is but yeah Vincent really can't accept it. Vicky try to cheer him like this " Cen, mungkin l lagi masuk SALAH SAMBUNG kali, ntar belakangnya dia bilang UPS ANDA MASUK SALAH SAMBUNG" but unfortunatly he wasn't so....


Olives crazy things...

Tq ya mas Joni steak yang mw fotoin..GB

 I absolutely love this sooo muuuuchhhh...

to be continued...

See y at my next post,
anyway it will be 3 part
hahahaha so long ritee ?
But I have many unpublished photos about it sooo
Just enjoy your week guyss
GBU all


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