17 June 2011

Get Dinner at Sate Khas Senayan

Hello everyone ! Back to my brand new post again ! So now I will share some dinner stories with you and it's all about SATE KHAS SENAYAN ! Yahuu~~ So my brother want to celebrate his graduation day, YES MY BROTHER PASSED IT WELL ! The first plan is dinner in Bakmi Gajah Mada so I think I don't have to bring my camera, besides I don't really remember where I put it at that time but it's gettin' night and it's so crowded their, finally we go to the opposite road and there is ! Sate Khas Senayan are IN ! and...I don't bring my camere. Holy crap !

The color is so warmy. Orange and Brown there !

You see the noise particle. YEAH. It's because I use my cellular camera without the flash. Even it's 3.2 but it still show many noise. GRAUUU !!

The MENU book 

Mirror on the wall

My brother seems so happy here. But unfortunately now my brother is sick. Huhu. His left hand was broke. HIT BY A CAR. And now he really in sensitive situation. GBU my big bro ...

I think I knew him. But who is he ?

MY GOSH. MY fav. !!


Satay. Really spicy and 100% MEAT


The toilet hahaha

Thanks for the dinner !!

Nahh, I remember I don't shot the others food but well,
what I can do now ?
See y'all at my next post. DON'T MISS it. 
It's about the next part of  
Don't miss the part 2 ! Maybe I will post it next week


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