08 June 2011

Welcome JUNE !

It's really JUNE already. The half year just past away. The time we through just like a wind. Well, I don't really like June already, because it means I have to say goodbye to all of my classmate Huhuhu. 
...And I think I'm really comfortable in my class right now so I just don't want to leave them this fast. And the second reason is it's my birthday at 10 June. 
I don't like growing up.. It means we leave many funny things to do and I still remember how its so peace when I was Kid. 
Everything looks so beautiful , peaceful----" But Life goes on ..rite ? And we can't just stay. 

We must MOVE-ON

I know it will be hard to go to the mature level but this is life. Life is not easy ; You must fight for it. And...

May God bless our June :')

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