03 June 2011

SKETCH-UP MY MIND : MAY Boys In their way

Hello baby !! Watcha doin there ? Sory for the lately skech of the month post huhu. Exam really makes my whole week becomes a nightmare..and I'm got a little bit curious in my Indonesian lesson exam score. Sinta got 8.1. Well she done it well. And me? Dunno. So this the sketch I've made. Just hope you like it >< And by the way, If you can tell me who is the person in the sketch 2..just tell me !!

I changed some pictures and the background,maybe I will change the mucic too. Hmm,
too much to decide. Hahaha. Okok
Gotta go gotta go
See y at my next post !


1 comment:

  1. lol. What inspiration did you mean? :)
    Trimsky! I like your sketch, as alwaysss ! I mean it dear :D