29 June 2011

Hangout with GT : Episode 3 Destionations 1 Day : Part 5 (END)

Here's the last part ! Yahuu~~ Gonna be amaze here, I have so much fav.pic in here. So after Erinn finished went to the toilet with me, we go back to the bridge to join the others. And like always, Ahong really got some model talent ( I think ? )Fyi, You will find many photos of him in here.Hahaha

Model 2 : Olive, the 1 is Ahong

Model 3 : Ichann

G rasa masa depan sebagian member GT gedenya jadi model .. wkwkwkw

Vicky's candid pic. (again)

My candid pic. Fuuu----

Model 4 : Vicky 
Actually, Vicky really often has some chance to pose cool like this photos, but really often too he ignored it " Ga mau ah, males ah," Dan 'ah-ah' lainnya. Ckckck,

The food and drink in this place is so unfair. NOT CHEAP. So,better if you go prepare them in home.

Ahong (again)

 Semoga anda sekalian tidak bosan melihat wajah Ahong..

Erinn bought this from Gramedia bookstore. And unfortunatly, she just buy the part 1. Oooo--- Ichann just laughed a lot when she knew this.

Sunset ! (is it ?)

Cute !

ErinnS candid pic ! Hahaha kena juga kauu


Olive cengoo asli..haha

Mabuk laut bareng..hahaha

and let the wind wash your day..all the pain of yesterday..

Cool !

Take me to the sky..

Ahong (again and again)

After had a long chit-chat,at 05.45 pm we decided to go yo ErinnS home to got some dinner time. Dan sialnya kita. Abangnya pake jalan yang macet. Sumpa dah..

7 people, oh yeah in 1 Taxi, Crazy ritee ? Olive and Ichann have to sit in the bottom. Haha. Poor them. So crowded and---wuaaaa
Dan mereka masih sempat tertawa..
Attention : LOOK AHONG FACE !
Suddenlly, Ahong said that he want to go to the toilet soon. And as you know, we're stuck in the traffic jam. Ahong really got anger..(same like erinn when she wan tto go to the toilet)
And Our Taxi driver just miss the green light. Ahong said " Pake klakson dong ! PREEEEETTT-PREEEEET " dan g baru tw kalo ada klakson bunyinya kayak bunyi kentut. Maybe Ahong like this..hahaha

Uda deh.Ahong ngoceh terus. bla--bla.. pengen nyewa orang lah supaya bisa nge-bersihin jalanan kita supaya dikawal sampe pulang blabla. Udah serius ngomong kayak gitu. Sampe udah sampe bilang ke nilai harga sewanya,kita tanya. " Mang l udah pernah coba,Hong ? " Ahong menjawab dengan sangat polos "Ngga juga si" Gubrak ! Wonderful fairytale,Ahong..

When we arrieved in front of Erinns Complex gate, Ahing open the door, RUN! VERY FAST TO ERINN HOUSE and go to the toilet. wkwkwkw. Kocak dah liat Ahong ma Erinn lari-lari
And dinner time !

...And the memories still lay in that place

Finally I finished this episode.
Just go the GT CORNER if you want to read the previous part or another GTs story,
The corner is absoultely at the right side. 
See'y around !


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