20 June 2011

Hangout with GT : Episode 3 Destionations 1 Day : Part 3

After 400 m walked on the long road to go, finally we can stand in the beach, but we still have 40 meters to go to the beach bridge.Mati aja tuh g, kaki uda tepos. And suddenly, erinn had stomachache !! JRENG-JRENG-JRENG-JRENG ! And we found the toilet is ' FULL ' of people, and erinn said, " I can handle this, I think I musn't go to the toilet " ( WAIT FOR THE CONTINUED OF ERINN STOMACHACHE JOURNEY AT THE NEXT POST) HAHAHAHAHA

Time to took some photos dear :)

Get some rest

Vicky, nice place, nice pose, but not nice expresion. Haaaaa~~

....and let the wind blow everythings

Vicky !!!!!! Ganggu foto bagus tau ga si. Mana senyum lagi !

And we found some entertainer. Makin ke sini makin keliatan  ' TOLOL' nya kita..g rasa. haha

Super X-TION !

Fav photo of this post !

After had an enough rest time...we continued walked again..and again..

to be continued...

see y'all at my next post !


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