06 May 2011


Whatcha doin readers ? Have a nice school days huh ? Mine is. I don't know why, but my tests very done well this week LOL can't imagine. Hahaha. Stupid me. So today post about the continued from the part 1 you can see it HERE. Ok. So just enjoy !
As a girl.This is difficult. But for our personal being consistent, we must learn to control ourself as possible. We must be able to control emotions and desires. People always want a lot of things. But everytime we want something.Try to think of it. Do you really need it? Discipline is also part of selfcontrol. If you have a high discipline, There's no more bad score in your test paper !
We are social creatures. We can not escape the influence and affect others. Social intelligence is closely connected with our ability menempatlan ourselves in the middle of a group. Left in the middle of the family, our attitude can not be the same as when we'rehanging out with friends. Sensitive of read the situation, consider others feelings and see the situation and condition if we want to do something,

Without integrity, someone will easily accept bribes or bribingwithout shame. Without integrity, a person may lie for her own goodAnd without integrity, a person can escape from its responsibilities.Integrity is of superior quality because of the fewer people who candefend it. especially when handling an important positions. Train your integrity by being honest and fair, also always the same responsible for our own words and actions.

Not shrinking from threat, challenge, difficulty or pain; acting on convictions even if unpopular. said Peterson. Hey! Being scared is a mind set you can change ! Many fear that lost so directly confronted. Challenge yourself to do things that you fear. Find out as much of it can be very helpful Opening act so horrified class meetings, ride runaway stage or start a new business. BREAK IT AND JUST DO IT!

Be aware and thankful of the Good Things That Happen to youOften we do not realize the little things that really ought to be thankful. Normal physical. Your talent which now being developedSense of comfort that you find in the house when there is a little of example, Focusing on the Good Things to invite positive energy within ourselves and make us more happy and Lively !

Spirituality is not always determined by one's religious attitudeSpirituality here is having coherent beliefs about the higher purpose,the meaning of life, and the meaning of the universe. Spirituality makes a deep personal A.K.A looking at life a bit shallow. Know that we have to share the fortune, do not judge people from their popularity, convinced that the good should take precedence and feel the tremendous power that we often call the GOD.

Ok, that is the end of the part.
I hope it helps you to live wisely.Hahaha
I have something to-do right now with 'him' *HAHA guess who it is..
Catch you up later readers, see you on my next shot 
Bye !
GBU and have a nice weekend !


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