01 May 2011


Welcome back readers. Finally I found some inspiration to write about. It's about 11 strong characters. Enjoy  !
Start the day with spirit ! Make yourself feel alive and activated everyday ! With listening ' Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z ' maybe ? Orderly and healthy living also is one of the key. Reduce sleep lateor linger in front of the computer. If we are  fit and not excessive when performing an activity, we are going to more fresh and passion for doing activities.

People who are creative thingking in conceptual way,always wanted to create something new and it's exciting! Creative thinking is hardNot really, you just have to set a side the constraints  of the things you've seen, which formed in the brain. Do not hesitate as an absurd idea, because all that great usually starts from there !
If we do not have the same interest in anything, One's life can be very boring. Still do not know what your interest ? why do not you put your interest into everything?  directly asked uncle google to find it out. Curiosity will take you to things that are unexpected.  
Get used to finish what you started. Do not half in any leadWhose name definitely coming obstacles. hell give up easilythen what we can get ? Reaching a goal takes perseverance, do not count how ever, enjoy every moment and learn from every obstaclethat you coz it successfully.
This one is recognized  by Peterson as: liking to laugh and tease.Bringing smiles to other people, seeing the light side. Yup, do not be too serious or sensitive in responding something. Always see the positive side of every problems . And the joke is important. Make the atmosphere  become so cheerful and calm your heart. And you know what? Happy people are the most productive one
Okay for this week I just post 5. I think that enough hahahaSee u next week dear,GBU

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