18 April 2011

Another my school day Part 2

Lazy Monday everyone !! Lucky I'm now on my whole week holiday. So, because I'm starting get bored enough. So maybe It's time to write the second part of my school day. Never read the part 1 ? Click HERE.
So,that Friday, We received our mid report. And guess what ? Many score is wrong ! Can't believe. So this is Febrian who sit in front of my teacher,Mr Yulius. Oh ya, the student who got many bad score have to call their parents. And I'm not ... Thanks to GOD. Oh yah, I hate facebook upload photos. Really slowly and sometimes get error at the end. Like 3 days ago I upload like 35 photos, ends with like 20. Where is the 15 left ?

After that we're very enjoyed the snapshoot. GIRLS POWER ! I'm sorry not edited this picture.

Grace and Yolen

Grace and Jovita *Duo gila ketawa

Illusion. Lookin' good enough ?


Boys POWER !

AmelS little crazy family. LOL

Gary,always really excited about photoshoot. Hahahaha

The girls with the teacher, I forgot to edited the tone. Yeah.

Amel and Veda. And I think Veda is starting crazy like Amel since she sit with Amel for 1 month ago,

Grace ! You lookin' very damn pretty in here !!

Skies I shot yesterday. LOL. Always works to keep my heart calm.

So after that time,we decided to went to hospital, lookin' for Jota, my friend who is sick DBD and Typhus. Oh my, So? How the days end? Keep lookin' guys !


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