15 April 2011

Another my school day Part 1

Hello readers ! Whatcha doin' ? I'm so tired today :'( But well, It's okay. So today (Friday) I have received my result of mid report. Guess what, I'm just a FOOL in chemical. Hu-uh. And many of my friends told that they received many wrong score. Example : I got 80 in test. But in report it writes 70. Just like that. And I hope it happen in  my chemical score. Hohoho #foreverindream. And I will show you many photos of us :) Just wanna share with you. Checkitout : Oh yeah 7 pictures below is from Yolenta. I just edit the pictures.

Yolen took this Wednesday ago, BIG Rain. I hate Rain. I love warm codition when I can see many warm lights come over here and there. Huh. Hate cool things except ice cream.

Yolen took this at Thursday. Rabuwo face(top),looks so happy and ebjoy that moment LOL.

Amel,like a ghost. LOL. I'm so in FAKE SMILE in this photos.

Holy Crap ! Randy just lose his mind I think

Gaya Sinta-Jojo abis #najis

Gila. Foto ini si sejaranya parah. Tadinya cuma g sama monic doang yang mau foto. Terus nambah lagi.nambah lagi. apalagi si Garry yang teriak, " Mau foto ye? Ikutan dong !!! " sambil lari ngacir. Nah terus berkembang de sampe byk. Eh pas udah mw foto, si Kokit sama Dio baru masuk kelas teru slangsung liat kit amw foto. LANGSUNG NGACIR IKUTAN " G IKUT FOTO DONK !" Alhasil. Inilah keluarga bahagia g. this is My Pursuit of Hapinness . Ever lasting..

Yeah. Xc Fear Factor

Ok, I think thats enough for today. I just arrived at home. and I'm sooo tired after went hospital. Hahahaha. You will see the part 2 soon as I can ! Want to know my school day more ? Click HERE.

Oh yeah I will answer the question people ask to me :
Q : Why you can draw so good ?
A : I'm not the pro one. I still have to learn so much. And I think all that you need is some IMAGINATION.
Art is filled by people imagination. Oh yeah. Spongebob always did this.

Q : Your favorite to spend time?
A : I'd like to see the sky. Make me feel calm. But now I try to spend more times to see sunset. Even I don't really like it after all. But now I want to warm it up ! Oh yeah..this Ahong. I took it from his PP and edited it a little.
This the end of today post.Oh yeah.
We had some 7 free days from school rite ? So whatcha doin ? Grace cs ask me to go to Dufan. But I don't accept it. TO MANY PEOPLE AROUND THERE. CROWDED. SICK. Hahahaha. I rather spend my whole time to draw,see the sky and read books.
See y'all at my next post :)
GBU specially from my brother who want to face UN next Monday-Thursday. GB him always.


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