11 February 2011

Relax time (please !)

Welcome back readers !
What's up there ?
Me in here-------need some relax time (please !)
This is my another short post anyway.
We all know when started again back to school day it must be a bizzy-bizzy (read : busy)week.
All the presentasion,test,and all of homework work together to make us stress.
I just have my another bizzy-bizzy week this week. I have many test, homework,some of OSIS meetings and many more. I want to die (part 2) Hahahaha. Kidding deh.
So I just wanna tell you what I've found last night, that we must have some relax time. Even just for a while. That short realx time will add some power to you to fight your day. Like when you have 2 BIG TEST tommorow,just take an hour to sleep at the afternoon. Jangan kebablasan ye. Pasang alarm. Then when you wake-up, you'll feel better. More fresh. And you can study with full consentration because you've already take a rest before. I tried it yesterday when I have Geo test. It works. I can study hard. But not until midnight. Sleep at midnight or more than it can weak your brain and body. You don't have enough energy to take a test at tommorow. So take some time. Just a bit, to charge your energy back. So you can finish the day with full smile.hihihihihihih..

You really-must have relax time guys. I really miss my 'nothing to do' days when it was in my holiday. Huaa-- I miss it. I can have more than enough relax time.

Or, I want do something extreme. Hahahaha. Like this picture. But I think my parents will get shock and never allow me to do this thing. But maybe someday I will go outside my house and live my ife like I want. No rules. No school. Just me and my self. I'ma dreamer dude.

I think thats enough for this time.
Don't forget to have your own relax time guys.
See you all at my next post.
have a great week everyone :))


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