05 February 2011

My Lunar New Year

Ni hao everybody !!
I want to say (again) : HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR for who celebrated it :))
So how your Lunar New Year day guys?
I'm got a little bored :'(
Did you know ?
As we grow up to moree and more gettin' old, we gettin' not interested with something like christmas,eve, or like chinese new year. We're just think : It's chinese new year so what?. When we're child we're so excited to celebrated Christmas , Eve , and Lunar new year. We can dance , speaking or laughing , running around our house. Now ? Just celebrate it like NO SOUL. Really. I just thought. I must fix it.
Okay enough.
Now I wanna told you what is my activities when I'm wait at midnight (10 minutes before lunar new year.)
Checkidot :
Just 4 things I've did :
First, We ate some many snacks like chitato,pringles,taro,chitos yg jagung bakar cs. Wuiihh g saranin ga usah minum. G yakin bsok pasti pada batuk. Hahahaha. Kid.
 Second, texting message " Happy Chinese New Year "to all my friends.
Third,watched fireworks match. Why I called "fireworks match" ? because it's like some funny tradition in my place. So, there are 2 house in front of my house who always got some fireworks match every Christmas, New Year and Lunar new year, They like Match who got the most beautiful fireworks. The left side, is my brothers friend : Ko Stephen. The right side is some unknown people. Let we say " Ngko-ngko " So each of them beradu gitu. Ampe abis. Jadi g pada mah tinggal ngliatin doang. Ngapain beli kembang api lagi. Gelo. Kebakaran tuh Jamblang. Tapi the winner is ALWAYS : Ko Stephen. Much better fireworks and much longer fireworks frequence time.. So let me tell you from pictures ::

Forth,played cards. I still remember, My brother called me "DODOL" just because...I can't play capsa. Sial. And I still remember too my junior teach me how to play capsa in Jambore. Hebat ga? Jambore bukannya memperdalam iman malah menggali lubang setan. Tapi ending-ending..I (still) can't play capsa. Terbukti g anak Tuhan. Uda diajarin berkali-kali kaga ngerti juga. G cuma ahli main Tepok Nyamuk.

 Best father ever :)) Love y daddy !
 lil'sista sneezing ! Bless you

 what a---
Since I've became agen of oriflame, I started bought some products and get addicted. Haha. After play all the games. I slept and get cough. What a pity.
 Best thing when I got up in the morning ::
After had some breakfast. I went to my mom and dad siblings. But the most of my siblings have gathering in my grandma (from my daddy) house. And there are so many foods , drinks, cakes, jelly, yummiee lah. I'm sorry I cant take some photos of them. I'm to busy to my mission : GET MANY ANGPAO AS I CAN. LOL. Bad girl. Another snapshot :
 Yea, Narsis never die lah.
Then I met new siblings. Ngga juga si, Mungkin g baru kenal gara-gara tiap kali g pulang dy bru dateng. I don't shot her. Hwaaaa--so I just draw her. Ya 11-12 lah. She's studying at Penabur and got great skills from her mother as a pianis. Her brother know Young Boys. Gara-gara nyokapnya jadi guru piano dan muridnya ya si young boys itu. W-O-W ! Pas dia bilang giu g langsung masang muka "sumpe-lo" .She's really such an open mind, talented berbakat banget buat jadi host acara TV One yang suka motong-motong pembicaraan narasumber. Hahahaha.Nice to meet you,Nov. So I know 3 Novi now. One,in my school. Two,in my church. Three,Novi the pianist. Fun Fact about her : She can't eat rabbit meat ! why ? because she always thingking how the chef kill the rabbit. Oh my--poor novi rabbit. Hahaha

 Now I like UGLY BETTY. Inspiring enough--watch it at Global Tv. Saturday-Sunday : 03.30 AM
I really need some sleep.really and some medicine to heal all of my virus. BAD COLD.
see y at the next post
thanks a lot to read my blog


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