03 June 2013


Summer is cominggg !!! Yeahh ! Ok so for this summer, I went to BALI with my friends. It's superfun and memorable remembering we wont be able to see each other again after highschool :')

So we arrived at Soekarno-Hatta airport at about 4 pm I guess. Our take off is at 7.35 pm so it's a long way to wait. But we have to put our things first to the  luggage so yeah here's the photo.

Grace - Yunny

Randy - Andrean

fyi, he's the craziest guy in this trip. seriously :/ haha

Ricad , the most FRONTAL guy ever. and always act like a kid. his face like a kid though

Darren , the boy who sick before the journey begin. He is so damn hot [ body temperature ]

beautiful sunset

the bad things is, our plane was delay 1 hour. It's sucks. very sucks.

andrean, so often blinking his eyes btw we're already arrieved at Bali in this pic !!
My ears got fold after that like about 30 minutes -_-

darren getting worsee ._.

at Ngurai Rai airport, BALI.

w/ my bestie Gracee ;)

 We live at HOMESTAY PUDAK SARI 45 , Kuta , Bali and.. we split room . of course. And I don't know why but we arrived at losmen at 1.00 am in the middle of midnight. 

at girls room 

Randy, doing YOGA EVERY NIGHT. He's crazy about sport. REALLY CRAZY. like he always drink protein milk, taking gym classes, lifting barbels, etc

Because darren getting worse, we decided to KEROK him. Yeah. and actually steven don't really pro at this hahaha. He like spoil all the oil into darren's body and darren just like a fried fish ahaha

Pretty bad huh ? Darren's temperature likes about 39 degress [ celcius ]

Next post tomorrowwww~ Maybe hahaha
I'm so excited about this
And anyway if you are EXOTIC , EXO just released their first album called XOXO . I'm so damn excited. All songs was very good omg, eargasm everywheree. Check them out !! And baekhyun, I love you so much. You're the next kyuhyun :')



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