17 June 2013


Hello-w guyss !! Today post will be my first bday surprise by my bestie on school ;) So at first I asked them to come to Taman Anggrek Mall to celebrate my bday, and actually I should celebrate it together with Yolen  Jovi Sinta but unfortunatlly Jovi is kinda not in place and I can't wait for her because my two others friends not always avaiable everyday. It's about 11 AM we arrived at TA. After a long debating haha we decided to had lunch in Fish n Co

I'm in absoulute rate in love with the interior ! Classis-semi vintage

Theese guys are sit behind our table and they kept laughing hearing our stupid conversation
Graceeeeee in blue shirt

earl breakfast tea 
blackcurrent tea ( free refil )
iced lemon tea ( free refil )

MINEEE :9 Basil Spagettii
I always love spagettiii, and the portion of this's very large
Fish Steak ala American
Fish Steak ala Italian
So overall, this resto serves any version of fish steak. and it's so yummy and crunchy, the outside layer is soooo crunchy and the fish meat was so tender ;) and it's a really big fish steak (y)
And suddenly the servant brought a cake and my friend sing aloud. YEAH. LOUD.

( left-right ) Grace - Monica - Me
actually, there are someone else who make my bday special but les skip this because he's not here afterall

Fish & Co
Taman Anggrek Mall
4th Unit 419
Jln. Let. Jendral S. Parman Kav 21

I never like my birthdays fyi,
because I really REALLY hate getting old, just scared for unknown reason
But yeah let's learn to accept this old journey
Dare to challenge your self ;)
will be back with my second bday surprise by GT

Lot's of love


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