11 February 2013


Hellow everyones, Happy Chienese NewYearr ! So today post is about GOWANGYU STEAK. It's my very first time to eat at this resto. The interior is good, just like Kichennette, but more homey.nThe food was great, specially the chicken cordon blue ! It just BIG and the cheese MELTED. Hahahaha. But unforyunatly, the time service is bad, it's too long and the air was so hot. I have no idea why. I give 3 stars for this resto. Check it out !

My lil'sis menu, Chicken steak ! Oh yeah, the french fries was good hahaha

Beef mushroom (?) I think. I didn't memorize it, haha



Can you see all the components ? aaaaa---Craving for thiss

I hate that green thing. iu

My spornsorship, ahahahaha . Love them :**

So, that's my food report,
It's february, and time just like running so fast. I don't wish for that. I just hope my high school time is longer more than this. I really want to enjoy each time of it. Aaa--screw me.
Okeee see y at my next post ! Sketch maybe. Maybe. 



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