13 December 2012


It's been 2 months I never draw any piece of sketch. And I'm kinda miss my old routine. So I'm spending my christmas holiday by watching Dexter, yes he is my sweet serial killer. And realized that I've always like a 'unique' person. Kinda creepy -____- . I watched CSI 7 too. Today I watched the episode that the braid fall out from the cliff. Wow. Maybe, just maybe if I watched this kind of film since I was little, I would be a killer now. Hahaha. And of course I watched Grey's Anatomy !! Yeah ! The season 8 is totally full of cries :') And I want to be a DOCTOR so bad now. Oh my God. I wish if I had another life, I would be a great surgurey doctor. Ok so today sketch post is "Hopeless Anger" . The feelings when you got angry because of something but it doesn't even worked for something. Yeah. Lately, I've lost with some kind of that feeling. You know it's wrong but you still try. You've hurted but you forgive. You know but you pretend you don't. That's killing emotion is like a fatal disease for me at that moment because of one thing, you still HOPE. Sometimes, you've to realize that some things is really bad for you. It will hurt you if you have them. You love them but they'll hurt you. How painfull  is that ? And at the right time, My mind suddenly think clear. Very clear. And I know, you can't let anyone hurted you. You've to stand for yourself because at the end, you'll only have your own words even just for yourself. And I want that part of me back. So, cleared mind. Change prespective. Go ahead :)

Will be back with more sketches :)


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