16 November 2012


Chichopp !! Hy everyone ! It's been a weeks. Well, actually November is not a really god month for several people. Many bad things happened . My school assigment just like a tons of rocks that cannot be moved. Gosh, really exhausted. And sucks.Really. So, we decided to do some photoshoot at Taman Menteng to got some refresh. Th e model is Rosinta. It just done today ! I went there with Monic and Sinta by the way. Unfortunatly, Grace can't go with us because she had some things to do at home. We arrived at 2.00 PM and thanks God the weather was great ! Really ! It's gonna be fun !

My Favorite photo and pose ;)

The best thing about this photoshoot is the skin tone was really nice. I don't have to photoshoped it too much because the real color is already great. So my focus is on the color option.

 Similiar to some jeans comercial hahay ;p

candid laugh!

The sunset is going, we went to sevel just for taking some late lunch, and went home. It was nice. Finally, I got something to do without pressure and the result is great. I'm really is satisfied. Thanks to Rosinta for become my model.

All the photo credits are belongs to me 



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