27 October 2012

Another Day with Them

Hy everyone, I'm sorry for missing about 2 months ? maybe ? Em, my assignment just getting hard and much. Phew, And I just got my university in UMN yeay. So my major definetly is DKV. Yahuu. Contact me by twitter or facebook if you want me to do some project with art things like poster, photography job, or some stuff like that. I will do it happily if I have a time ;) Ok, so today is my daily post, ow yeah  it just happen today. My teacher just give my class and interview assigment. The sources must be native, or we called it 'bule'. Everything was fine in 10 am. I even see Kuda Lumping tradition there (@Oldcity). But I didn't see any bule to be interviewed .___.

O y, I'm not alone there, there are my friends, Grace and Monic. My bestie in my third year ! Aww, they are super duper crazy tralalalala. I'm glad I'm in social class. NO REGRET at all. Seriously. I found many little things that change everything. Maybe some people underestimate our major. Well, I don't blame them. Social class maybe an easy class to join in. But for me, my social class really open how to adapted in very opened situasion where all of your classmate are not the same at all. You'll find from the craziest, a little dork, the it girl and boy. And I love my class now. Ok. sorry for this. I'm getting excited to tell you guys. LOL.


inside Fatahilah museum

 I promised you'll find MANY photos of Grace in this post.

aww <3 wedding couple

Hermes statueee !

AND then RAIN RUIN MY DAY. suddenly it rain and I'm so panic. No bule comes, no taxi, and now it rains. damn. But lucky me, monic running outside like hell there's no rain and stop taxi. The driver was very funny,we joke a lot, laugh like a lion, he said to us " Kalo misalnya 10 tamu gue kaya lu orang, pala gue pecah dah" Hahaha. Peace my bro. And we went to Grand Indonesia. And found my source to interview. Thanks God. Her name is Maria. She's so humble and very kind to us. Thanks for the time !

 Ok, after that we took a lot of photos. Ow yeah. Grace attack.

so pretty !

we ate in my pancake anyway

 I adore the interior, it looks pretty and beautiful

 perfection of perfection. It belongs to Monic. Queen of food. Haha

Mine, Spicy 

grace's . pure as the owner.

did I told you there will be a lot of her photos ?

Crazinest challenge : Go to ibox and use their free laptop and play theit photobooth like our own.


It's a nice trip. and I can't share all of my laughs today in this post. I'm just so glad I have them in my life. They complete my incomplete life. seriously. It's gonna be hard to us to meet each other after we graduated but, still, they rock my worlds and suprisingly change my personality to become the brighter me.

GBU all