26 August 2012


Hello everyone ! It's been almost 2 weeks and I post nothing! Big apologies because after I had my summer camp or I called it 'Jambore' and the fact that I'm being the committe there really really are very super duper make me tired. I got many wounds all over, but it still great ! It's totally fun and full of experiance ! Let's try my luck next year ! And the worst wound is on my right hand, and because of that I can't draw even write for few days later. and the replacement for my sketch is my daily hahaha, so it's been a long time I never see and join with my old friends from jhs, and we decided to get a lunch in KITCHENETTE at Central Park.

It's a nicey and lovey restaurant (remembering in the middle of the park) and it also warm and welcome, I really like it here, the lighting the structure, it's cool ! Check out !
But you must make some reservation first if you don't want to take the quequ, we spent about a hour to wait until our turn .

 Favorite spot !

 Vicky face (?) No idea

 Cute corner !

 many expression here !

 Fighting chef !!

 Well, I'm sorry I don't remember the menu's name, you can check out in the bon photo. ahahah sorry

 unique drink bottle

 I dare you to eat this ! Fantastic awesome ! Most recommend !

Kitchenette is a little cozzy, but I think it's worth. well, we're still young, you need to learn but you need enjoy your age too. Infact that when you're mature later, you'll not found time like this anymore. So don't be so stingy person. The hell money can be search, but age? It happens once and will never return. So live while we're young !

 Fav shot !

See y with my next sketch (hopefully my hand is back to normal)
GBU all