12 July 2012

Olivia's 17 Failed Surp Bday Part 2

The second part yeii ! So after the wishiee"time , time to eatthe cake yum yum yum !
 lol, I love this blur images
 Go go power rangersss
 First cake goes to Ahong !! Muahaha

 My Fav photo !!

 Mau mau mau ?

 Time to get some snapshot, I try to click the timer, but what happen when I click that...
*Ckrek*. Okay one shot.
 Suddenly *ckrek ! ckreck ! Ckrek ! Ckrek!*
 And I realized I click 10 times self continues timer -______-

 The moment I realized it..

 Because the result is great ( read : funny) we tried once again

 I'm totally laugh omaygat I can't... hahahaha
 Finally one shot normally

 Her dress for her saturday bday party yahooo

Vicky did a FUN mistake, Oliv ask vicky to turn on the tv but what vicky did, he push the LOGO TV button not the turn on button LOL. He don't understand how to turn it on !
 Feel emberrasseeeeed :$

 And suddenly Stephen want to BAB yes, POOP. And then we decided to go home wkwkwk

"cause everyone is everyone of us"

I will back with new sketch !!



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