12 July 2012

Olivia's 17 Failed Surp Bday Part 1

Hi everyoneee ! Yahoo ! So now I'm back with my personal life story ! Yeiiii *excited* So yesterday is my bestie bday, Olivia. And we really think like a crazy, like you know communicate with her parents and siblings. Hahahaha. What a fun . So finally we went to her house with bajaj. Yeah 5 poples in 1 bajaj. And her dad show us the house. Actually her father like shot to us like some parade wkwkw. And you know what happend ? Olivia is ALREADY IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. *stab me* TOTAL FAILED.

 We even dont light the candle yet

 Things for her bday party at next saturday

 How I love Ichanns tattooo

 Found my eunhyuk at her room ! :3

 Finally we light the cake and turn off the light

"Happy Birthday Olive ! May God always bless your life"



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