27 January 2012


So ! Today I post about my friend, Luciana or just call her "LUCAI" sweet superb 17 party. Why I post about her. Well, I agree if there are a bunch of my friend have her 17 at this month. But she is special. She closed to GT and she celebrated it at GRAND MANHATTAN CLUB,BORROBUDUR HOTEL. What an exclusive choice ! Byt the way, almost 90% of the photos is belongs to Erinn. Thanks to her ! Here we go :

 Our Present to her 17 ! What a lovely !

 the real pic
 So before went to her party, we ( Me,Ichann,Erinn) had a little girls gathering to MAKE-UP ! Yahuu. Curlying our hair is the most funny activities. Well, Ichann really rarely used it so she's a newbie in this.Haha

 Erinns *fav*
 Applied foundation,mascara and many more
 Camwhoring before we went
 Thanks to Olive's daddy to accompanny us to the hotel safely. Well, honestly. We got LOST for a while. WE DON'T KNOW THE RIGHT WAY TO IN ! But hahaha, thanks to 2 strangers in the walkway. The teenagers and the oldman. We arrived because of you both :*

Camwhoring with bestie, Erinn

 Super duper love her camera
We even make-up in the car ! Every traffic lamp stops ! Tere become our make-up artist, Ichann become the lighters.

 Finally arrived :)

 Camwhoring at lift !
 Girls at toilet ! What a bad*ss toilet ! LOVE !

 Cute !

 Fav !

 Erinn posed :)

 The host !

 Absoultely in love with the decor, lights and many more. COOL !
 Say hello to ' LUCAI ' 
 w/ parents
 GT girls with our princess that night, LUCAI

 Say ' cheese ' !!!

Wait for the part 2 !!


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