12 January 2012

Happy 16 birthday Grace !

Yohoo..There're 3 friend who had bday in this month. So one of my friend, Grace had her bday on 11 January ! We had a surprise party for her ! check ou !

The best mistake we had. No lighters. Dman ! Luckly, we can borrow it .

Sinta with the cake :3
Oh ya, we waited until school done, and monic tried to make Grace still inthe class, then we walked, sang, to the class.

 Yolen snappss 

 wish-wish time

 my fav shot ! the smoke is soo coolll

 3 of us :)

 Another my fav

 my self camwhoring :)

 2 of my beautiful girls :)

 Yeah I ate 5 Monics candy. no. it's absolutely chocolate !

will back with sketch.


1 comment:

  1. that cake looks delicious
    & I love the music on your blog