20 December 2011

JOGJA BEHIND THE LENS 5 : Prambanan Temple

Then sun just getting higher when we arrived at Prambanan Temple. But our tour guide said in this place, the rain often suddenlly just happen in the midle of the sun. So it's better to keep our umbrella.

Yak, we need to walked first befor ewe can see it closer

Argue ! *siapa yg mw moto*

I hate the clothes size made me like ballooooonnn

Super duper love Sinta hair in this photo *the second from the left*

Tiny !

You know, I think the temple is not in the straight position cause of the earthquake, it's like / not |

How tall are you ?
I really love how they made this temple.

I lovethe clouds texture :*

Me *in the middle* like a BOSS

How can they made this in that time ? I wonder and keep wondering until now. Such an impossible things to made bu human in that time.

The other tourist

Stone texture

There's also forbidden temple in here to us. Because there's too much very important statues in that place.

Me with :)
The temple who had this 'welcome statues' means there was a statue in the temple. They (the welcome statues) like a bodyguard for the statue.

One of the statues

We're so tiny winnie bittie size

We're here about 1 1/2 hour. So little time !!

MALIOBORO is the next !
Stay tuneee


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