16 December 2011


Yoo. Now I'm sitting in front of my lappy and still uploading my photos. So today I will post my activities in my third day in Yogya. Like I told you before, I'm in a school program called LIVE-IN. So you stay in someone else house and join their activities in 3 days. By the way, I forgot to upload our dinner yesterday. HAHAHA. O y, I tell stories with photos.
 Yuuumm :9
 My breakfast 

 Say hello to our most fotogenic cat !

 Activity 1 : Feed the animals
 mirip. wkwkwkkw

 Activity 2 : Bring the wood

Activity 3 is cleaning the garden with our hand, but I have no photo. I forget. After that our forth activity is join Bu Murwoto to taught childern in place called PAUT. It's like kindegartn. ONLY 14 STUDENTS. YEAH.


 Yolens fool action


 Activity 5 : Join the Pray Ceremony.
 Jovita and Veda
 2 spy kids


The villages people.Oh ya people who had ceremony in here just in one place. Like I live in Andreas Section. So only Andreas people who had gathered in here. The other section havetheir own.

 Christmas just getting closer.

 After that. We had a snack time ( 9.30 pm = just snack time )

 Fondy fool action. My gosh. Hahaha

After that we went to our new home and slept 
Byeeee :D

wait for the other photos !


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