15 December 2011


Hello guys ! I'm back with a hundred photos to be upload here :) So as you knew before, I will take 4 days to lived in someone house, actually 6 days, but the other 2 days for time going to there. Yep. We need about 13 hours to go. And 14 hours to go home. And the biggest part is when I got SICK 30 minutes before we go and I still at home. Somehow, I had a big stomache and I felt soo cold around my body. All I did is pray. My mother already told me to not go. But how ? I really wanted to go ! After all the pain I suffered. Suddenly my pain is gone (not at all). All left is my temperature is still a little bit hot. then I quickly went to school and reach the bus. Hah. I made it. Here some photos I took while in the journey. Today post is about  day 1 and day 2. We started the journey at 16.00 pm with bus. And got a stop for a dinner in Sukahati at 08.00 pm. Oh ya. I tell my story with photos
 messy look because I'm sick

 Inside the bus
 at 6.00 am !

 Villages is always green.

 heaven on earth

 Found SD kanisus here

 Here's the condition of my '4 days' house' I lived
 I lived with a family and my friends. Grace..
 and Yolen..Say hello to her !

 They had a dog !
 The condition of the kitchen

 The bathroo. They had a fish and worm in the tube. My gosh.
 They had a chickens
 They had 1 hectar full of plants.

 Me in my daydreaming time
 Actually, the home aura is so welcome. I like it a lot.

 the family,

 Pick the boring feel with pick the guitar

 They have a fotogenic cat

 Our room :)) Screw up -_-

 Grace with me

 2 cewe kebo.

 tidur lageeee -______-

 text my mom that tells ' I'm okay here '

After the dinner,we got a chat with the new fam. Pray together and slept.
Back tommmorroooww with the more photos to seen.



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