04 December 2011

Happy Born Day Vicky Tavelic !

Sorry for the lately post ! Exam week just passed away now it's time to upgrade my blog ! So today I will post about my friend, GT member also surprise bday, Vicky Tavelic. The big problem in here was the bday is on (always) our EXAM WEEK. How pity. It's dificult to occure the time with all the members. But finally we can maje the surprise at the day (y). So we went to Vicky house at about 5pm. And we forgot to bring the lighters. So vincent went to abang gorengan and borrow some and of course buy some gorengan.
 I love the cake design. Soccer ball. It's because Vicky is futsal player.
 Say hello to Vicky !

 So we tricked him and said the 'duck' is our present to him.
 The real present !

 We want this shoes so badly. Maybe we shouldn't give it to vicky

 We want to paint him with the cake. But he already said. Nonononoonno ! Let me paint myself !! Ahaha
 Hulk wanna-be

Ditunggu makan-makannya vic.
And I will leave Jakarta for about 6 days. I had a school project called ' live-in '. So we'll live in the farmers life situation. Can't wait !!!

See u around


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