17 October 2011

Tere and Stephen after dinner BDAY !

So after we had dinner to celebrate ichann bdays, we had a plan before to surprise the two, Stephen and Tere bday whichis at 9 and 12 Oct. Erinn and Olive who had leave the dinner first, actually is prepared to stand by at Tere house. Eheyyy, and the plan just become more complicated when Tpen surprisingly come ! Erinn and Olive just quickly prepare for Tpen cakes !! after Tere opened the door and went to 2nd floor :)

 Stephens " chocolate spike "
 Tere "Bluberry Cheesecake"

 The fab cakes :9 You really need to buy both of. RECOMMENDED !

 Olives funny acts like always

 "okay, I'm ready to eat once more"

 Fav pic !!

 3 sepot :D

 Olives skirt, the chocolate spike really SPIKE !

 Yum ! Potatos !

 Vicky had some funny things with BB
 Cheerss !
We came home at 10pm (almost) after had some curcol games and many more
GBU all
I'll be back for my sketch

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