07 October 2011

Rosinta Bday !

Blessings October I think. So many people I know was born at this month. Total is 6 persons, 6 cakes to buy, 6 cakes to eat, and it means I lost many money. ahahaha. But never mind. When you see he/she love your surprise plan and smile, it more than enough. The price than I can take with money :)) So today I will post 2 posts. One is this. My friend, Rosinta and the secong is the continue post of Ichann's bday. ehehe 
So the plan is give the cake at the morning,but it canceled until the end of our school time, when the last bell rang, we just like in hurry light up the candles (yang mati berkali-kali)

Our princess today ! Adore her smile !

Blow up the candles
Cut it out !
Monic candid picture. I'm pretty sure she's going to kill me if she find out.
Introducing her boyfriend : Davin. Say hi !

1 picture below I took from yolen's blog pic
Happy bday girl !
best wishes for you

and I just upload my geeky pic,
I love it so much *berasa pinter pake kcamata
S ya at my next post :)



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