07 October 2011

IchannS Cardyparty : PART 2

finally the second part ! hahahahah so let's start ! This thing made by Vicky akakaka. Currently love this <3 

HURRY UP ! Ichann's going to came!!

worried about the success plan

JREEENGGG ! Happy bday cenn !

vicky ampe nangis -_____-
Olive melet
Then we went to her bedroom and ' ngorek ' anything she have. ahahaha such as this thropy !

what she read
Say hi to the lucky girl :)

She wear it !

eat cake timeee :))

GT's tradition

thank you erinn who made this 
DINNER TIME ! Blast it out !

Fortune life games. The result really changes eveything

Vicky I know yourr minddd~~~

My fav pic !!
My 'life number' result. Really trueeee !
Japan candy :9

' and all i hope is our friendship never ends '

byeee guys
see y


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