01 October 2011

Ichann's Cardyparty : PART 1

Welcome back readers , it's been so long since my last post. Mid test just make me more stress-out about everything. I even didn't have time for my self ! Err, so 30 September is IchannS bday !! Yeii.. So all of us got the right plan and thanks a lot to her mom that helped us so well and make the plan success. 03.30 Pm, we decided to went to Lucky market (in front of Ichanns house - yah a little bit far away although) but me, erinn, stephen, luci came late and made Ahong who came first become angry a little. Hahaha

Mine :)
Cheesecake factory cake ! Yumm
You will see sooo many vicky pics in this post !

Thirsty girl
Stephen just finished his school, rela-relain dateng. awww <3
My blur candid. ahaiii 
04.00 pm and we started to prepare everything in ichanns house
Happy Fam pic ! Adorable !
Then we arrived at the 5th floor yang bikin cape banget buat naeknya mesti pake urat. HAHAHAHA--"

Time goes On

We started talk about our own school cup

Posenya bagus banget asli.
StephenS hand

The Cake !!

Widiiii.. sok mikir banget gue. akaka
My fav photo :*


Suddenly we saw Ichann back home, and decided to play our plan 

Next post tommorow
See y


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  1. mana part 2 nya ??????
    g nunggu looh, hmm...