01 August 2011

Vincents Morning Bday Bast !

Hi ! Now I'm gonna tell you about what happened yesterday ! It's Vincent bday ! So we ( Me , Ichann ,Erinn, Tere ,Ahong, Vicky and Lucy) started from had preparation time in Erinn house at 06.00 AM . We bought some cake and bday gift and so we bought some flour to tease him up ;)

Adore Ichanns laugh !

OTW to Vincent house
Now we're in front of Vincent house and we want to come in but there were no one answering us. Oh my. Vicky tried so hard. Hahaha. It's kinda funny to heard his BASS voice.

Then we had some help from Vincent neighbord. REALLY HELP. GB !

Like we're live in there

After wait like about an hour, Vincents mom open the door and had a miss understanding with us so she woke up vincent !! NAH. FAILED FAILED FAILED. But the positive side, yeah...He still surprised !

Count the candles
Make a wish
Blow it up !

His First cake to her mom. Awww <3
With his lil'brother

Our gift to him !

Candid.ah.jelek banget g disini

Snapshot !
After had a long chit-chat we decided to went home and ask vincent to company us . In the middle of the road we bast him with the flour. Yeay. Everybody dancing in the flour !

FAV PHOTOS ! TQ Ichann for the idea !

Then vincent went back to his home with a shame.
Happy bday once again bro !
And I gonna post the dinner part maybe at friday ? Or tommorow ?
Now gonna prepare everything cause today I want to watch HARRY POTTER ! YAHUU
It will be fun ! See ya !

GBU all


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