25 August 2011

SKETCH-UP MY MIND : Backpacker !

Whats up there ! Heyhey. I'm finally at my LEBARAN holiday. Yups. 12 days count from now on. So I will have some summer camp? actually it more like some LDK but more deep in the forest and full of wild things around. Actually I really excited about this but theres something I have to think it more clearly. Yup. I just don't know what I'm gonna write now. And just in time, this morning I draw this yaiii Backpacker.It should be more wild but nothings wrong except I don't use the bag. I just hope everythings gonna be ok. And the fact that I'm not allowed to bring camera during the camp days just make me EEERRRGGH but I think there should be a fotographer around the activity soo just keep it well dude.

GBU all


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