06 August 2011

PI + GI = Tired enough

So, Monday ago, 1 August . We (me, ichann, ahong, vq, hendrik, osmond, vincent + his girlfriend) went out to watch HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 3D at Plaza Indonesia ( ONLY Rp.35.000 ! Can't u believe it ? Oh yeah).I won't miss it even a second. So Three of us (me,ichann, and ahong) went to PI together. And Ahong was very lateee. URRGH. But he always calm us down. Like ' We weren't gonna late. Believe me ' so many times in the taxi. And what I and Ichann only can do is BELIEVE. Got stuck in the traffic jam for a while really gonna make me crazy because the movie will start 15 minutes later. AAARRR----! And when we arrived at the Plaza Indonesia, we're a little bit run and finally watch it in the REALLY right time. Fiuh

 Snap out ! Ichanns great, ME ! I just like get a drunk in this photo.
 I love this ! But Ichann not getting enough space. Huh. No perfect photos.
It was so cool (the movie). Really. Can explain the details what I feel but... I really sure gonna miss Harry Potter. And I just remembered that the first time I watch Harry Potter is when I was at elementary school grade 1. And now I'm in Senior High School. Huft. Long journey huh. After got some lunch at MR.park ( sorry,I'm not photo the lunch time) we move out to Grand Indonesia to took a walk and of course went to Gramedia bookstore !
 After bought some we're waited for Vincent and his gf. It was so bored and ahong asked me to took some pictures. The first shot just failed. 
 I <3 this !

 Ichann checked her mobile.
 on the mirror ;D
 Fave !
 The dinner just go to TUTTI FRUTTI !

 Ichanns candid, Seems like ichanns really getting normally with the candid and she didn't get angry when I took hers
 It's getting dark = GO HOME NOW OR MY MOM WILL KILL ME
 Vintage ! Adore this !

"..and Hogwarts always be our home.."

GBU all


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