05 August 2011

Get Dinner at Jajanan Seafood

Get prepare. Vincent promise us to stay at Jajanan Seafood at 19.00 . And the suck fact is it's ready to be canceled because we can't contact him for a while. We got a little bit angry, HUNGRY. Oh my, just in time, Vincent approved the dinner promise. Ok let's get going ! He said he's already wait for us in there. And... when we're arrived, HE DIDN'T EVEN SEEN IN THERE. PANIC-PANIC-PANIC. (at this time, just me, erinn, vicky and ahong who already arrived) 
Vicky getting stressed out
Erinns Candid pic. You will see many unexpected candid pic in this post !
After 15 minutes, Vincent arrived and we're getting ready for the dinner. Time to choose the menu ! Unfortunately, the shell is already sold-out. -_______-

The menu paper
Love the sparkly shatter !

Lucy and Ichann arrived about 10 minutes after us and Lucy just buy a very cute bottle tube from plastic. Want one ! Rp.20.000,- / pieces.

Sauteed Kale
The fried squid *erinn and ichanns love this
Crab with Padang sauce
I really sick of love this one ! Very spicy,spicy and spicy. But this is so delicious if you mix it with rice and the sauce of course. My fav menu ! Yahuu..I'm addicted to this one ! ;D

I forgot shot the shrimp !

Vincent iseeppp terus ampe tulang

My fav photo in this post !!
*ahong..you're pretty amaizing in this shot.believe me*

Time to play jigsaw again !

Sneezing me !

Love this one ! Eveyone looks happy ;)

Finished all of at 09.30 PM.
Ready to go home before get one shot together.




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