28 August 2011


I just can't imagine, my cellphone just doesn't work. About 15 Hours from now I will go for my camp. 3 Days off from my computer, the games, internet, twitter, blogger, sketching activities. Such a mess-up. I just hope I'll be okay before-in-after the camp. Yeah. I believe God always lead my way :D

just make this today. actually I love the girl expression 

See y in 3 days later !



26 August 2011

SKETCH-UP MY MIND : August Beauty

Don't tell anything. Just post. I love this sketch so much. Natural Beauty !

25 August 2011

SKETCH-UP MY MIND : Backpacker !

Whats up there ! Heyhey. I'm finally at my LEBARAN holiday. Yups. 12 days count from now on. So I will have some summer camp? actually it more like some LDK but more deep in the forest and full of wild things around. Actually I really excited about this but theres something I have to think it more clearly. Yup. I just don't know what I'm gonna write now. And just in time, this morning I draw this yaiii Backpacker.It should be more wild but nothings wrong except I don't use the bag. I just hope everythings gonna be ok. And the fact that I'm not allowed to bring camera during the camp days just make me EEERRRGGH but I think there should be a fotographer around the activity soo just keep it well dude.

GBU all


21 August 2011

GTs PIN !!

Just have a good information that the pin design is finished, just wait until it become the real thing.
The seller just give us the together ava, here there  :
I'm the one who beside the pinky boy, I finally found that the hair really looks like me now...except the colors of course. Moms gonna kill me hahaha. Can't wait to see the PIN !


17 August 2011

Rolling in the Tarsi 16 08 2011

Yohooww readers ! I will tell you about my daily report about my activities in 'Independence day' Tarsisius 1. So in this event I become the Coordinator for Cake Decorate events. And I got a few mistakes, like..the cake is absolutely late about 1 hour and Thanks a lot for Mrs.Isni and Mrs.Dewi for the help ! Ok her we go !

 Cupcakes !
 Jonathan cleaned-up the decorating table
After they all finished, I went to XI IPA class, just for refreshing and I found Monic and Grace 'ngelayap' ke kelas ini. Monic also participated in Decorate Cake and I found her hand is sooo RED because the whip cream, and her school shirt just like a polkadot. Oh my.

Jovi cengo. Candid banget. But today she really save my mathematic life. She just borrowed me her notebook. Big smooocch for her :*

 Monic and Rosinta

 Monic brought her IPAD !!
 Lomba makan lidi. Congratz to richard :)

 Let's back to the cake. Here the result.
 Anyway, the cake tasted so delicious !


 Nungging pose
 Andre just become a little bit nuts here

 The most GOKIL team !

Busy day, hah -)
And my sister just made this from egg
Terus g juara 1 lomba koor gereja ! JRENG JRENG (HOROR bagi g)
Seinget g kelompok g nyanyi kayak dikejar setan tuh.

 this is my another pursuit of happiness...

Gonna see y soon !