17 July 2011

Olives Surprise Parfait-Tic Party : Part 3 : Break it up !

Let's continued the story. Now is 06.30 (at that time) and Oliv moms decided to pick up Tere at her home while we waited for Olive. After about a hour I think. She already here (finally) Say hello to Tere everybody !

Noel really get excited with the boys. I thought he's found an elder brother here.

Fav !

Continued the jigsaw questions..

at 08.05 pm olive called her father to pick her up at her school. SHE'S ALREADY THERE ! So we prepared everything quickly. of course I don't forget to brought the matches. Hahahaha. Fyi, Olive just need 5 minutes to arrive at home from her school. JREEENNGGG..Here's the final.

Time to hide and turn off the light.
We hide in her room !

Ichanns BB *Lucky me to shot the red spot light

Adorable cute !

Time to light up the parfait !

Then after 6 minutes, her father motorbike ring the clackson, PIM-PIM-PIM. That's it. Oh my. She's here ! Eeeh,what the...? She in the toilet now ! Oh my.. Please olive be quickly go to your roon or the candle can't help to be melt !!! Suddenlly..

Our princess today !

Tere - Olive

All aboard !!

Because we didn't have the first cake. Let she bring her First Rice !! Hahaha. The Lucky one : Erinn !


Our desert ! Our parfait !

" I'm very fullllll "

Shot it !

After that we went home by Taxi. Rp.20.000 *sempit-sempitan lagi*

GT = Galau Teenagers

Arrived at home at 09.30 PM. Really tired. But it's so memorable and I'm so satisfied !
I love you GT-ers
And Happy Birthday girl once again !
Sweet 16 !

And this is my another pursuit of happiness..


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