16 July 2011

Olives Surprise Parfait-Tic Party : Part 2 : WAIT UNTIL DAWN (..almostt)

The part 2 ! Hyahhahaha..  See the part 1 HERE . So we waited in the third floor, Olives room. As you know, Ichann and I really love this room. It's so comfortable. And friendly. Haha really. Found some old poster..Cute !!

Founding this..!!

Olive face now.. Yeiiii :DD

what she read...

Ahong. Really busy with his twitter because his twitter gain 40 new followers karena dia OSIS. Heheheh. Dan dia berhasil menyabet gelar OSIS ter-cool..Mwhahah, Good job !

Ate " KERUPUK KUNING " from Olives mom. :9 enak loo

the sauce..yumm

Celengan tabung gas LPJ.

After playing some jigsaw games. *yang sumpa bikin g gondok..Then we went to the first floor to checking our parfait.

Another jigsaw games.

 Suddenly NOEL (Olivs lil'brother) shooooooooottt 
" Olivs home "

MAMPUS. Kata itu langsung menari salsa di kepala g. Dan semuanya begitu. We're gettin' hurry to pick up the parfait from the refrigerator and went to the stairs.

In the second floor

Believe me, you're so cute....

Here's Noel. Haha

The parfait TEAM !

It's 06.00 PM. And Olive wasn't here ! She must be here at 16.30 !! And suddenly Olivs mom said that she will went home at 07.00 PM. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT ??

to be continued...

GBU all


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