15 July 2011

Olives Surprise Parfait-Tic Party : Part 1 : HOW WE MAKE OUR PARFAIT

Readers ! I'm back yahuu ! So,fyi..11 July is Olivs bday. And we had some surprise bday plan for her. Inspired from Farah Quinn, we want to make PARFAIT ! Yumm :9 And Oliv have to go from 11-14 July. Finally we decided to surprise her on 14 July (with her mom and lil'sis help too). So she will be very shock after going home. Nah. The 14 July was yesterday and here we go again from the first thing we did. 

15.00. We (Cecil,Erinn,Ichann,Vicky,Ahong. Yeah. Just five peoples at that time. The others is gone with the wind ) met in Erinn House and went by Taxi to Olivs house at Bandengan. Far huh ? The magically wonderfull is no one of us knwe her house. BANG ! Olive's mom become our guide after we finally arrived at in front of Bandengan Utara.And she waited for us. We stopped the Taxi behind her, so she can guide us the way. And we make some movement so she can knew that is us. She is staring. and we tought that she already knew. But suddenly..

Hahahah ! She didn't see us. After Erinn called Olivs mom, not longer, she notice us. And the funny one, she guide us but not in front of us, so, our taxi walk trough first, and Olivs mom told us the right way from behind our taxi, hahaha. 

First, we have to make the parfait in the 1st floor
Let's begin !

First we put our instant whip cream powder then mix it with very cold water. Using mixer is very recommended to make it success.

Mixed until it become stiff. Really stiff.

Candid Corner ><

Until we waited for the whip cream done, we make the main course of the parfait. Oftenally, parfait is mixed by cream and fruits. But for now, we move out the fruit. We use cake.

I think it's done. Now put it in the plastic.


Here's our first layer.

Put the whip cream. ( This is our second layers)

Make it flat

After that, put some waffles or biscuits

Erinn drip her saliva. HAHAHAH

Put the cream again. O y, we use vanilla cream. So it's YUMMY !

Ahong still played with the mixer

Add more cakes

And biscuits

Put the whip to be the top

Add until the the glass full.

Then flat it.

Put some toppings ! Hihihi, Woaaa. Can't help !

 Here we go ! 

After that we put it on the refrigerator and waited for Oliv come home at 16.30. 

to be continued..
Nah !
Stay tune for the next post !



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