26 June 2011

Hangout with GT : Episode 3 Destionations 1 Day : Part 4

Readers, sorry for the lately post. I don't fell well since I went to the church todays morning. Forget it ! It's time to go back to my blogger time !! You can see the previous part in GT CORNER. It's on the right side of this post. 

Finally,we arrieved...

Time to open the snacks !

Ubur - ubur !!

Vicky kena 'kecelakaan' beruntun,..

the girls enjoyed until the sunset time

Suddenly, Erinn REALLY wanted to go to the toilet. REALLY. So I company her and just fyi, the toilet is far far away. Hahahaha. After 15 meters we found toilet 1. But...

Erinn face just like

15 meters again we found the other one. But...

Erinn face just like..

Erinn just get anger and moree.. Thanks God we found mushola and we can used the toilet. After went out of the mushola, Erinn said to me..

Hahaha. Lega deh.


I'm coming home..I'm coming home..Tell the world I'm coming home..

See y all at my next post
GBU all


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