20 May 2011

Forgotten Short Story : Have a Short Shot at the rest

Yahuu~~ Welcome back readers ! Watcha doin' in this weekend ? Have a party blash ? Promnite ? Or study for the exams. Hahaha. Ok, the exams just coming closer and I don't really know what to do. Yuck. And I really need some rest for my brain . It stuck up. Yep.I can't control my emo this week I guess. Bad girl. Ok.So today post I will post my picture at Bandung. It've been so long but yeah why not ? Just finished the homework and here..we go !!

So, that time my family was hungry and need something to eat. But I don't post the food (sorry..I forget to snap them cause..I'm hungry !) So I just post the condition ? place maybe ? Hahaha. It's a beautiful afternoon..

Place where I had lunch. Beautiful isn't it ? I shot it more than 10 times and that's not enough ! 4 photos below is NOT EDITED. IT'S REAL ! Wow. Such a beautiful warm weather and lights. You know ? Orange is the best !

Just my nails.

lil'sis' just adorable in this !

Have I said write " I shot it more than 10 times?"

Promosi.Hahahaha. Seger loh !!

The view was really good



Never diee

Time to go home and we stuck in the traffic jam. Suck moment ! 


Love this one

Until the midnight come...

LOL. Kidding, Not until midnight. HAHAHA
It's sun but I edited that so it become like a moon
mwhahahahah. Just pray for my exams. Hwhwhw Hope I get a good score 
So this is the end of the post
Have a nice weekend everyone


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