08 May 2011

Find Something to Eat at the Morning

Happy Sunday readers ! I just finished my breakfast hahahahah.. Ok. Time to share my breakfast story. So today I woke up at 07.30 and my moms was at the chruch and there's NOTHING to eat at the table. OHMY. And I'm hungry. 

And I think I don't want to eat my lil'sis unfinished muffin

Let's find something in the magic door

I found this

and this. Time to make something before I'm dying

First cut the bread, be carefull ! You don't want to hurt your hand ritee?

Mix the eggs. Yohooo ~ ! Don't forget to put some salt on it. Just a to make the taste.

Melt the margarine.

Put the bread on the mix eggs until all the bread body covered by the eggs liquid.

Put it on the pan, cook until it seems brown spot on the bread. Don't forget to flip it. Cook until all the bread pieces.

You also can make Omelet. Just some optional.


Eat while it hot (and burning my tounge ? GOOD ADVICE ! LOL) I mean warm.

THIS GOOD. REALLY. Don't lie. Hahahahah. Want to make it guys ?

And now I make some wallpaper project about me and my BOY *MY-BOY ! *NEVERMIND
Ok, See you on my next post
love you all !
Have a great Sunday everyone !



  1. Yeaaa i'm backkkk!
    Can't hold my starvation because of your blogpost *drooling*

  2. Aww :3 muchos love for ya!