28 May 2011

Biology Recycle Project : Purse from Paperbag

Yahuuu! Readers.. I just face my second day of the 7 exam test day !! Math and umm biology gonna fail. I guess. Hah~and I'm got a little sickness mood this time and I think I will 'normally' post again next weekend. So, I just get some recycle project from my school and it's really complicated. I just want to....never mind. I post the step to make it. Sorry it's in Indonesian. I don't have many time to post in english. Sorry readers :'(

P.s : I make this in the middle of the night before deadline day.

Ta~Da !!

Wanna try this one? Not bad lah..

Just pray for my score
Not ready to face the 5 days left
See y'all next week.
I'll give u the update
GBU all....and my tests


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