14 May 2011

Another Picture Post of My School Day : Sinta and Monic

Ok well so, I sit with yolen in front of Sinta Monic and as you know, they really love joke fighting ? So they laugh around they fighting. Sick. I just can get it how they can be like that. Here some comic strip from me about them. So some of they're sequels fight : START ! Sinta kick monic. Sinta is the tinner one. Monic is the fat one.

Monic hit back !!

Sinta don't wanna lose !

Monic don't wanna lose too !!

Garry and Kokit who sit behind them just like.
" Girls were amaizing fighter than us"


So this is the end of my today post.
Maybe tonight I will post another one.
See'y at my next post !
GBU always


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