29 May 2011

Happy Bday Daddy !!


I love you dad,
will I ever find a man that's just--
dream the way you dream,
love me like you do,
and hold my heart carefully,the way you do.

and lend me hands and open arms, everytime I fall.
and the always-there-feeling everytime you are around...

Happy Bday dad,
Best wishes for you 
May God always bless your way

your daughter,

28 May 2011

Biology Recycle Project : Purse from Paperbag

Yahuuu! Readers.. I just face my second day of the 7 exam test day !! Math and umm biology gonna fail. I guess. Hah~and I'm got a little sickness mood this time and I think I will 'normally' post again next weekend. So, I just get some recycle project from my school and it's really complicated. I just want to....never mind. I post the step to make it. Sorry it's in Indonesian. I don't have many time to post in english. Sorry readers :'(

P.s : I make this in the middle of the night before deadline day.

Ta~Da !!

Wanna try this one? Not bad lah..

Just pray for my score
Not ready to face the 5 days left
See y'all next week.
I'll give u the update
GBU all....and my tests


20 May 2011

Forgotten Short Story : Have a Short Shot at the rest

Yahuu~~ Welcome back readers ! Watcha doin' in this weekend ? Have a party blash ? Promnite ? Or study for the exams. Hahaha. Ok, the exams just coming closer and I don't really know what to do. Yuck. And I really need some rest for my brain . It stuck up. Yep.I can't control my emo this week I guess. Bad girl. Ok.So today post I will post my picture at Bandung. It've been so long but yeah why not ? Just finished the homework and here..we go !!

So, that time my family was hungry and need something to eat. But I don't post the food (sorry..I forget to snap them cause..I'm hungry !) So I just post the condition ? place maybe ? Hahaha. It's a beautiful afternoon..

Place where I had lunch. Beautiful isn't it ? I shot it more than 10 times and that's not enough ! 4 photos below is NOT EDITED. IT'S REAL ! Wow. Such a beautiful warm weather and lights. You know ? Orange is the best !

Just my nails.

lil'sis' just adorable in this !

Have I said write " I shot it more than 10 times?"

Promosi.Hahahaha. Seger loh !!

The view was really good



Never diee

Time to go home and we stuck in the traffic jam. Suck moment ! 


Love this one

Until the midnight come...

LOL. Kidding, Not until midnight. HAHAHA
It's sun but I edited that so it become like a moon
mwhahahahah. Just pray for my exams. Hwhwhw Hope I get a good score 
So this is the end of the post
Have a nice weekend everyone


17 May 2011

Another Photoshoot with Siblings

Hy everyone ! How your school days there ? Must be a little bad or the good one ? Mine is good after all because to day is Waisak day !! Yeiii !! Means = Holiday ! Oh ya, Happy Waisak day for who celebrate !!
And I'm a little bit afraid ? about the mid exams. It just coming and coming each day past away. So better if I forget ita while and this time to blogspot ! Yahuu~~And so ! Today I will post about my photoshoot with my brother and sister and myself. Just wanna see which one of you who can know where I am at these photos because according to everyone, Me and my sister looks so same like twins ? I don't get it. Just check this out guys :

Well, my brother guitar really makes something diffrent in this photoshoot.And Fyi, this photoshoot is soo long time ago, which its like 3 years ago. Hahahahha, That's why I look so tinner in here. Hahahaha.

Gonna love this one <3

My brother, so hard to be shot.

dan g masih NORAK banget disini, ya biasalah ya anak SMP 2 . Ya mw gimana ?


And I make 2 versions on this shot 

 Fyi, Oubliette means "EMPTY ROOM" Cool ritee?

 My Fav at all !!! ><

The best one !! Aaaaa~~ I just wonder to make something like this again. But I think it so impossible to be trurh because my brother gettin' busy with his college and don't have enough time. and..Just forget the link (at the bottom of the pic) it's my old blog. Well times changes everything ritee? So do I..

Yooo! This quote is so truth 

and all you need is love..
love is all you need..

And I change the background music, 
Just hope you like it,
and I write many 'JUST' in this post mwhahahahha. 

sick of it.

Ok time to say goodbye
see y at my next post